Email Billing

Burton Water Company – New Email Billing Option

Good News! We are now able to send your bi-monthly invoice via email rather than U.S. mail service if you request the change. You will still have the option of receiving your invoices via U.S. mail at no charge to you, OR, for $5.00 per billing period, you can receive both hard copy and email versions of your invoice if you prefer. To start receiving your invoice by email, you must opt in by filling out and returning this Email Billing Opt In Form or by sending an email with your name, account number, and e-mail address to: .

Once you indicate your wish to begin receiving bills by email, you will be switched from paper to email billing on your next invoice.

Please note that email billing does not negate your responsibility to pay the total amount due each month if you do not receive the email.  The same as paper billing, you are responsible for payment of your bill whether you receive it or not (via email or paper) in any given billing period. You should notify Burton Water Company if you do not receive your bill by email, but are signed up to do so.

No action is required if you wish to continue receiving your bills by U.S. mail service with no changes.