Water Source

The Burton Water aquifer is approximately 125 acres of fine sand bounded by a clay layer above and glacial till below. Our well field is located at 11611 SW 232nd. It consists of (2) 3.5 foot diameter concrete tile wells, (1) 12 inch diameter steel well, (17) 1 1/2 inch pipe wells (well points) and one drilled well, all varying in depth between 18 and 30 feet. We are in the process of changing our point of withdrawal to all drilled wells; we have completed four wells and others will be developed in the coming years.

Source Water Assessment

We routinely have our water tested at Edge Analytical in Bellingham for coliform bacteria. We submit two samples from various locations monthly. Coliform bacteria is an indicator of microorganisms (bacteria, viruses, and other small organisms) that should not be present.